lowering your defenses and sharing the behind the brand!

The Video Will Be Permently Removed After 24 Hours...

(You Are Now At Day 4/30, Congratulations!)

Challenge Progress

Here Are Your Assignements For Today...

Step #1 - Publish!

If you didn't yet publish today, what are you waiting for?! I highly enourage you to do it now, before everything else!

Step #2 - Share & Engage!

If you already published, share the URL with the group using our designed post for the challenge. Make sure to set your profile to PUBLIC so others can view it, and to engage with at least 3 other members that shared today.

Step #3 - Watch Today's Training!

Make sure to watch today's training before I remove access. Each lesson will only be available for 24 hours, and there will be no expections.

Step #4 - Read & Comment On The Post!

Watching a video isn't enough, I want you to actually go & read the post I made around this topic. Make sure to comment to qualify for the bonuses & so I can know you have done it! 

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