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Join Our Exclusive Round Table & Learn The Best Methods To Generate Clients Through Content In 2021

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My mission is to help all the members of the content creation challenge get better results by getting them all together, and encourage an open discussion. I believe that we all have a responsibility as the pioneers in our industry and need to make every second count by learning from other entrepreneurs' successes and mistakes, so we don't repeat them ourselves.

By joining our round table, you won't just get a rare opportunity to learn from what works and what doesn't work for our past members in the content creation challenge, but you will also get a chance to introduce yourself and what you do with our closed community.

On the call, each participant will get 5 minutes to share from his experience what has worked and hasn't worked for you in regards to content creation in the last few months.

You'll have an opportunity to talk about:

- How you've been using content marketing to promote your business?

- What channels are working best for you and which ones aren't?

- What results you've seen with specific pieces of content?

- Any challenges you've had with creating your content and how you overcame them.

- Your best tip for other entrepreneurs on how to use content more effectively in their business.

 Please note we have limited space at this event, so if you are interested in participating please RSVP your attendance.

Why Invest In The Round Table?

Gain Influence

Earn clients by getting a chance to talk about what you do in front of an influential group of like-minded business owners.

Build Relationships

Make valuable connections and learn from other entrepreneurs, get feedback from other professionals, and find partners you can later collaborate with for your next projects.

Learn From Experience

Get real feedback from fellow business owners. Learn from others what works and doesn't work for them.

About The Course Teacher,
Daniel Grenbom

I’m Daniel Grenbom and about 12 months ago I was staring down that same gun barrel. I was wondering what big secret I seemed to be missing that every other business owner seemed to already know. 

Tired of wasting time on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn posts that it feels like nobody is even reading. Tired of figuring out what to say and how to say it. 

Tired of knowing you have something that could change lives and help people but stuck on getting people to listen.

Hey, I was even tired of being tired too?! 

At that moment when I considered giving up, I realized I had hit the jackpot of ideas. 

I decided I was going to discover the secret to creating content that converts, the secret to posting consistently and the secret to monetization. Fast forward 12 months, and like I said...

I figured it out. Like really figured it out.

Frequently asked questions


The round table is an exclusive event we normally offer to the participants of the 30-Day Content Creation Challenge.

On the call, we will all meet over Zoom for a brainstorming session in which every participant will get a rare opportunity to introduce himself, as well as share what has been and hasn't been working in his content creation strategy.

At What Time Is The Event Taking Place?

The event will be held LIVE on Monday, August 23rd at 5:00 PM IDT and go for as long as we have more time to share.

Will There Be A Replay?

A replay will be available for free for 72 hours after the call is over. Lifetime access can be purchased on the upsell with some added perks and benefits.

Can I Ask Questions On The Call?

No, the purpose of the call isn’t to ask questions but to share from your experience about content creation strategy. An exclusive QA call will be offered to members who purchase the added upsell later.