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Introducing Our Video Summaries

Since I launched the 30-day challenge for the first time around January 2021, I've had the pleasure to work with over 200 business owners on how to get the most out of their social media accounts.

And while the experience was truly great, I kept on changing and tweaking the challenge according to my feedback.

I kept asking people how can I improve the challenge even more, and one idea stood out.

Many members have said that it would be incredible to have summaries of everything I teach inside.

See, inside the challenge, you'll find over 20 videos and 5 hours of watch time.

And while most of the videos come with visuals aids, resources and are clear to understand, we still have members that join the challenge again and again so that they'll have the ability to re-watch all the videos.

That's why for the past 6-weeks, I've been working hard on summarizing every single thing taught inside the challenge and putting it into 20+ beautifully designed eBooks.

To the summaries I've added extra insights, and examples to ensure it will be clear to everyone.

These summaries are here to help you get the most out of the challenge. It's something that YOU have asked for time and time again.

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