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Chad nedland

A Business Strategist

Daniel has a vast knowledge of content creation, about strategy, about implementation, and he'll share with you insights about things in your content that you may not have thought about, maybe even how they impact your audience, or, more importantly, how they may impact your branding and your message to the world.

Daniel Grenbom

Business Strategist

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About Daniel Grenbom

Welcome! My name is Daniel, and I am a business coach and consultant with a passion for marketing, sales, and psychology. 

I've always been driven by the desire to share my knowledge and experience with others, which led me to start offering coaching services in 2015. Since then, I've had the privilege of personally coaching over 1,200 students on how to ethically scale their businesses online and dramatically increase their impact and customer success rates.

My journey in the world of business began when I was just a kid, selling batteries and baby clothes on eBay, and local websites. I quickly fell in love with the world of entrepreneurship and have been building businesses online since 2012. 

Through hard work and dedication, I've honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in today's competitive online landscape.

I'm here to help you achieve your business goals and build the business of your dreams. Whether you're just starting out or are looking to take your existing business to new heights, I'm here to support you every step of the way. So let's get started!

See What Other's Have Said About My Past Trainings And Offers...

josh cousins

A Business Coach, Co-Founder Of Good Karma Business

I would just highly recommend everyone to jump on, simply because Daniel is so focused on you and your business and it always has you in mind.

Elsi Nora

Sales & Marketing Coach

What's great about Daniel is that he truly cares about you, which I think is one of the hardest things to find nowadays.

Jessica Sanders

Women Coach

Daniel is a man who embraces his business, wants to see other people succeed, and that's his primary motivation and focus.

Renée Stotz


Daniel is super passionate, helpful & knowledgeable. He was able to gently nudge my resistance to showing up & posting to out into the ethers, allowing me to post daily, with confidence. I have transformed my story about not wanting to be seen into one that says it's cool to be seen. If you're sitting on the fence about joining Daniel's programmes, get off it & go join!

Nazia Dadd


Daniel Grenbom is amazing in his field of work, I have gained so many insights and techniques to improve my business and will continue to learn and grow under his guidance. Awesome guy to learn from and sending nothing but positive vibes!

Sarah Waters


Highly recommend his programs!! I learned so much about the right way to show up online and how to effectively create engaging content. He himself is very engaging and gets right to the point with access to valuable resources that will save me so much time. 

Javier Arias


Daniel is an extremely knowledgable and generous guy. His approach is genuine and no BS. I have learned a lot from him and keep learning every day.

Eoin Hayes


Daniel is a fantastic mentor in marketing, so thorough in his training, puts in endless hours of prep in his work for us and is as available as humanly possible. I've only known Daniel since just before summer 2020, he has been a great teacher and become a very close friend. Thanks Daniel. You're a rock star man.

Edeh Chinedu


Start with he a kind of guy, who isn't selfish when it comes to helping others achieve a better results on same thing that has helped Him. Personally I keep wondering the kind of human he is, because he very friendly, kind, ready to help others selflessly. Proud to talk about him anywhere.

Shelly Wofford


If you want to be in a program with someone who truly cares to see you succeed and gives his all to make that happen then this is that program. He will have you on the top of your game. He is truly amazing at what he does and his program is just as amazing. Thank you for everything you have done. You are changing lives.

Tammy Winters


Daniel is awesome! He's very knowledgeable and approachable. You can tell even after just talking to him a short amount of time that he really knows what he is talking about and he's all about relationships and building and maintaining them while growing a business! I feel fortunate to be learning from someone so nice and knowledgeable! Thank you Daniel!

Mary G Waithaka

Business Strategist

Daniel really knows the meaning of over delievering and showing up. Highly impressive.



Working with Daniel is really a pleasant experience. He's really a kind guy and I love how we approaches everyone insides with a warm welcome. I will suggest him to everybody who is in online marketing.

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