The Powerful and Simple Method You Can Use For Your Copywriting

September 20, 2019

If you are struggling with copywriting like I sometimes do, and find it hard to come up with ideas on how to start, KEEP READING! Since I am about to show you a powerful technique! As a marketer, you should already know how important it is to build your ideal client persona. Most businesses fail on that part mainly because they skip it, or at least don’t go in-depth enough. The method I am about to show you can really help with forming your first connection with your audience, and to understand what they need, desire and what their pain points are! 



You can’t persuade someone effectively

if they don’t feel like you understand them first

Revelation & Credit: I have learned this method from Sean Vosler, and I find it very helpful!

The method you are about to hear me talk about might sound a bit strange at first, but please stay with me, since it proved to work INCREDIBLY WELL for many marketers. 

​Step 1

Go to Amazon’s book selection, and select the niche of your product/service. Sort by best sellers or featured and find a book that closely relates to your product or copy topic.

Step 2

2 – Below our book is the reviews section, by default, these are sorted by “most helpful” which is great because we’re going to ‘crowdsource’ the search for features and benefits. You want to highlight the important parts of the reviews, and identify what made is so helpful for others.


Tip: You can pick 10-20 of the best reviews, and paste them into a document for easier editing.

Step 3 

Here we will be breaking down our review into key components. Highlight the important parts of the text! Use multiple colors and separate it into different parts. I can do yellow for parts in which the text speaks to the inner dialog of the reader, or with parts in which the reader talks about the previous state that he wanted to change, and red for the points that pull on the emotions, pain or even revelations he acquired by using the product/service. Choose what works for you!

Step 4

Now we want to extract the “essence” of the points as they apply to our product. This can apply to both headlines and bullet points, or heck even a full piece. Break those highlighted parts down and refer to them in your copy.

Step 5

TIP: It is best to use bullet points and use the following format: Feature + Benefit + The benefit of the benefit.

For example (For the following, I have used a book with tips on Social media), and my product can be any kind of coaching/course or guide on leveraging social media for your business.

The part I highlighted in the review talked about how the user learned to leverage social media platforms to gain organic reach and new clients to his business. So here is a quick example of how I can use it in my copy:

Learn how to reach more people (feature)

You already know that social media presence is essential. But are you really exploiting its full potential? Learn how to leverage social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram to gain FREE brand awareness (benefit), that will also lead to more consistent leads and sales! (The benefit of the benefit)

Our bullet points can be short and to the point, or longer to expand upon the idea. Keep in mind that there are no hard-set rules on any of this except If it’s true, and it’s a benefit to the reader, it’s worth sharing.

You can use this method several times and explore different reviews from either the same book or different books on the same niche. Use their most helpful ideas and parts and refer to them in your copy. It is a powerful method to learn more about your readers!

P.S I am far from being a copywriter, but I found this method to be very helpful and thought it might help some more people. I would also love to hear about YOUR methods for creating a high converting copy & sale letters!

Daniel Grenbom

Daniel Grenbom

Online Marketer

Hi! My name is Daniel Grenbom, and I began my online marketing journey at the age back in 2012. After specializing in the eBay Dropshipping businessand creating a successful 6 figure business, I have started teaching others to do the same. That’s when I launched my first online course, which got over 1000 students. In 2017, I started learning about the art of advertising, and I was immediately withdrawn to Facebook. What came next was that I just had to know everything! I just fell in love with the field! So I researched who are the best people in the field, and I spent thousands of dollars to acquire their knowledge and experience.

I spent two years learning and implementing their techniques, spending anywhere between 10-12 hours every single day listening to lectures, recorded videos, and reading articles. These two years were, without a doubt, the most intensive period in my life! But I did it!  Today I help small business owner acquire more leads and sales using Facebook.


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