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Requirements From Guest Speaker

In order to make sure my audience receives high quality content that isn't questionable by any way, here are a few requirements I have from my guest speakers:


Speaker must have at lesat 1 year of experience on the chosen topic.


Speaker must have had success with previous clients before.


Speaker must be able to show results and and case studies.

Content Distribution


Interviews are first held Live on my Facebook Group.


After edits it goes to my YouTube & Podcast channels.


If possible, micro clips will be taken and shared across Instagram, Linkedin & Facebook.

Audience Breakdown


Status: Our taget audience includes coaches, consultants, course creators, and advisors of all levels.

Unless asked otherwise, all interviews must be beginner friendly, and be very practical.


Interests: Digital Marketing, Info products, Automation, Video Marketing, Organic Growth, Social Media, Lead Generation, Website & Funnel Design, Coaching, Leadership and Advertising.


Age: The majority of our audience are between 24-50.


Desire: Scale their expert business, be able to generate new leads and sales and do what they love without struggling for either clients or sales.

List of Possible Topics

Since my audience includes digital marketers, coaches & consultants, the list of topics can be pretty long. Anything that can help them with their digital business is fine with me. Here is a list of possible topics we can do.

  • Copywriting
  • Organic Growth
  • Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Video Marketing
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Community Building
  • Branding
  • Webiste Design
  • Pinterest
  • Ecommerce

A Quick Breakdown Of The Process:


Step 1: We Schedule a Call, and Pick a Topic

First thing we need to do is meet, these calls are usually 15-20min long in which we get to know one another, and brainstorm possible topics for the interview. If you didn't yet, schedule a call using the button below!


Step 2: You Get My Done-For-You Easy Promotion Kit!

After we choose a topic, and plan a date for the Live event, we need to promote it. It will be great if you can too participate in the promotion, and bring more people inside the group to attend the Live event (More people = More engagement and higher reach). In order to make it real simple for you, I have made a Copy-Paste Emails, Stories, and Posts you can use to advertise the event in a powerful and easy way. You will get the files upcon request after our initial call.


Step 3: We Go Live & Deliver Awesome Value!

We go Live on the selected date inside my Facebook Group using StreamYard (An easy to use service I will show you) and deliver an INSANE amount of value, while focusing on practical tips, and answering the questions of the audience.


Step 4: I Upload The Edited Recording to All Channels.

1-3 Business days after the Live event I will upload the recorded video to my YouTube & Podcast. Later on (And if possible), I will also create micro-clips of 2-3min long and share them into my Instagram, Linkedin & Facebook profile.

Here’s What You’ll Get With A Simple Interview

Authority Boost!

Inside the interview I will introduce you as an expert in your field, something that will instantly attract my audeince and help you build trust through the training.

Rank On YouTube!

Ranking on Youtube helps to build trust with your audeince. My channel gets a great amount of organic reach, and by putting your name stratigically on the video, people will be able to find you on YouTube easily.

Get Clients!

The interviews are seens by a large list of hot prospects who might later hire you for their own businesses. Focus on devleireing value on the interview, and I will take care of getting it to the right people.

Help More People!

Last but not least, you will be able to share your expertise with otehrs and help them with the problems and issues. This is also why I always include a QA time so we can allow people to ask more specific questions that might change everything for them.

What Our Other Guests Have To Say?

Ace Reddy

eCommerce & FB Ads Expert

"It was the best interview I have had so far, many great questions"

I interviewed Ace Reddy on April 14, 2020. Ace is an Ecommerce expert who generated multiple 7figures for his clients & himself. Ace is highly regarded as one of the most popular go-to experts in the Ecommerce space, and in our interview 'How to Become An Expert In Your Field FAST' that you can find on YouTube he devliered an insane amount of wisdom.

Ella Peacock

Copywriting Expert

"I cannot praise Daniel enough as someone to work alongside."

I had the chance to do several interviews with Ella who is a fantastic copywriters and a very passionate marketer. You can find our interviews on my Youtube channel including the ones we had about Todd Brown, Donald Miller & Ray Edwards.

Faisal Zia Anwer

Linkedin Expert, Co-foudner of Brandslane

"Interacting with Daniel's awesome community was a pleasure. I have been on many webinars and interviews, this however was one of the best ones!"

In the interview Faisal shared some incredible tips for growing organically on Linkedin. Faisal has been crushing the organic game for a while now, and he is the Co-Founder of Brandslane, an Ecommerce marketing agency that delivers amazing results for their clients.

One last thing ...

It would be an absolute honor for me to have you joining my mission to inspire, help and share tips with more people who are struggling with their business and marketing. And remember, the end result is a win-win for both us, and the people we serve!

Frequently Asked Questions

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