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VIDEO #1 - Josh Cousins

In my call with Josh, he shared a great amount of insights. Some of my favorites include his unique Y.C.C.M content creation method, as well as how he sees value bringers, and how his perspective can make your whole life easier.

VIDEO #2. Niki Green

Niki started working online back in 2017, and just like most of us, she didn't have an easy start. 

She got scammed, she lost money, she trusted the wrong people, you name it - she has been there!

She later partnered with Josh Cousins (Who's also here with an additional training) and launched two online programs that made a huge impact on the whole organic marketing approach.

Niki believes organic marketing is the key to success because it is giving us the chance to stay close to our people.

VIDEO #3. Elsi Nora

In this video, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) system for creating compelling and high converting sales messages for any purpose.

VIDEO #4. Chad Nedland

Chad Nedland is a solution finder. He teaches people the art of efficiency and effectiveness.  

He helps his clients understand the process and the principles BEHIND the results they are getting.

Chad specializes in changing the paradigms by showing people a vision of what is possible and then helping them create the shortest path to get it

VIDEO #5. Cierra Lueck

Cierra is a community engagement strategist, and she helps business owners turn their brand into a community movement that sells.

VIDEO #6. Mary G Waithaka

Mary helps transform highly skilled online solopreneurs into well paid experts. Inside our interview, Mary talked about what showing up really means, as well as how she would approach it if she were to start from scratch.

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