Take Me Up On Crazy One-Time Offer For This Round Only!

I decided to create a super-sweet offer for the members of our very first Roundtable event. Through this deal, you'll get unlimited coaching calls with me for the next 30-days, as well as free access to ANY future Roundtable event (with our VIP added perks)

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vip perks

(1) Get Lifetime Coaching Calls With Me

Meet with me over Zoom for as many times as you would like in the next 30-days. During our calls, we can talk about anything you want, and I'll personally help you built your very own content-strategy game plan!

(2) Get Lifetime Access To Any Future Roundtable Events...

By investing in this now, you'll also get lifetime access as a VIP member to ANY of the future Roundtable events.

We plan on launching this event many more times in the future, and by joining us again on these calls, you will be able to learn about every strategy, tip or trend that any of our future members on the event will be sharing inside!

This Offer Won't Ever Be Offered Again! This Is Your ONLY Chance!