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Become a Content Wizard: Upgrade Now To 3x Your Results And Cut Down The Heavy Lifting Or Get Your Money Back + $1,776 In FREE Training!

Unlock 7 Bonuses Including Direct Daily Feedback From Our Experts, Exclusive Resources Packed With Insights, And Action Steps Given By Our Guests To Start Generating More Leads & Sales And Grow Your Business With Confidence!

Upgrade To The Gold Pass Experience & Get...

  • Daily QA Sessions With Our Expert Guests & Myself For Direct Feedback & Guidance
  • My 30-Days To Converting Content Challenge Program.
  • Gain Exclusive Insights From Daniel & 6+ Expert Creators On The Best Techniques We Use To Scale Our Businesses Right Now
  • Daniel's "Summit In Minutes" Resource To Easily Go Through The Key Insights From The Event.
  • Our Implementation Companion For An Easy Step-By-Step Guidelines To Implement The Ideas Shared During The Summit On Your Business With Ease.
  • Full Access To The Replays Of All Sessions & Training.
  • One Additional Gold-Pass Ticket.

Join The Full Gold Pass Experience

With this experience, you will get the deepest level of immersion and transformation, as well as access to our expert guests who will teach you how to effectively attract new clients and interest through your social media content.

Hang out with them behind the scenes every day and make sure you miss nothing so you have all the tools you need to truly thrive in this ever-changing economy. This is your change to upgrade to the Gold Pass Experience and make your business dreams a reality!

Access to the Gold Pass membership is extremely limited – we can only accommodate a small percentage of attendees because we want to keep this opportunity exclusive for those who are committed. so don't wait - sign up now before all the spots are filled! Plus you will get these incredible bonuses with your card…

Bonus #1

Join Our Daily QA Calls & Get Direct Feedback From Our Experts LIVE!

(Valued At $497)

Unlock the ultimate opportunity to level up your business! Join our exclusive QA sessions at the end of each session and get expert answers and action-steps to your most pressing questions and challenges. With some of our experts charging hundreds of dollars for their time, you'll get access to their valuable knowledge and guidance completely free when you upgrade now.

Upgrade For The Gold Pass Experience!

Bonus #2

My 30-Days To Converting Content Challenge

(Valued At $147)

Unlock the secret to crafting irresistible social media content! Get access to my most popular content creation challenge that will teach you everything you need to know about creating high-performing social media content that gets you clients.

Unlike many "social media courses" that are out there, this one has been designed to get you results with actionable guidelines, templates and examples. It has also been tested on over 300 happy business owners from all niches and industries. 

Unlock The Gold Pass Experience!

Bonus #3

Access Our Exclusive Vault Of Resources 

(Valued At $247)

Get special access to our other 6-exclusive training sessions done with expert guests in earlier events I've hosted. Discover the exact strategies and techniques they implemented to achieve rapid and consistent growth.

Between our experts you'll find Niki Green, Josh Cousins, Elsi Nora, Chad Nedland, Mary G Waithaka, and Cierra Lueck.

Upgrade For The Gold Pass Experience!

Bonus #4

My "Summit In Minutes" Summary

(Valued At $97)

"Summit in Minutes" is the ultimate resource for busy business owners! No more worrying about missing important insights from our expert guests. Get all the key ideas shared during the summit into an easily digestible format, so you can quickly implement the strategies and drive results for your business with confidence.

Unlock the Ultimate Experience!

Bonus #5

Our Implementation Companion

(Valued At $127)

Unlike other summits, we focus on bringing you the exact action steps needed to bring your business to the next level. And this is exactly why we have our "Implementation Companion" in which you'll find clear, and easy-to-follow guidelines on how to implement the strategies and tactics shared during the summit.

Take Your Experience To The Next Level!

Bonus #6

Access The Replay

(Valued At $67)

Stop worrying about deadlines and get full lifetime access to the event.

Unlock The Full Gold Pass Experience!

Bonus #7

Get 1x FREE Gold-Pass Entry 

(Valued At $97)

** This Round Only **

As this is our first virtual event, we want to show our appreciation for those who support us from the start by giving you a bonus ticket. This special offer can only be applied to either this event or the next one we host, so don't miss out on this chance to join us again or bring a friend / a colleague along to enjoy the experience and insights together. 

Get your tickets now and take advantage of this exclusive offer!

Upgrade For The Gold Pass Experience!


We truly cannot accommodate many people into this membership. Only a small percentage of attendees will be a Gold Pass member – and this is your chance to become one of them before it’s gone. So don’t miss it and regret it later!!

here's the offer

  • Join Our QAs & Interact With Our Experts
  • Access The Recording
  • Access Our Exclusive Vault Of Resources
  • My "Summit In Minutes" Playbook
  • Our Implementation Companion Workbook
  • 1x Extra Gold Pass Ticket (One-Time Offer)
  • My 30 Days Content Creation Challenge Self-Paced Course
  • 497
  • 67
  • 247
  • 97
  • 127
  • 97
  • 147
  • Join Our QAs & Interact With Our Experts (Worth $497)
  • Access The Recording (Worth $67)
  • Access Our Exclusive Vault Of Resources (Worth $247)
  • My "Summit In Minutes" Playbook (Worth $97)
  • Our Implementation Companion Workbook (Worth $127) 
  • 1x Extra Gold Pass Ticket (One-Time Offer) (Worth $97)
  • My 30 Days Content Creation Challenge Self-Paced Course (Worth $147)

Total Value: $1,279

Your Price: Starting At $97

The impact it will have on your business and organic marketing make’s this offer PRICELESS.

And if you’re wondering why it is so much value for such a low price it's because I understand how it's like feeling stuck in your business, not getting the results you want, exhausted, and worn out from working so hard without seeing a return. 

This is exactly how I felt for years, and now I want to help you avoid what I went through. I also believe in over-delivering and know that if you'll like the experience inside the Gold-Pass, you'll also love the value inside my other offers, so I want to give you the best possible value in exchange for your investment.

Plus + The Summit Is 100% Happiness Guaranteed!

Learn How To 3x Your Results Or Get $1,776 In Training Completely For FREE!

I’m not asking you to decide yes or no today... I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision, that’s all. The only way you can do that is on the inside, not the outside. So you can join our Gold-Pass today, and see if everything I say about the experience is true and valuable to you.

Then, if we didn’t deliver at least one strategy that can help you 3x your business this year, no hard feelings, just email me, and I’ll fully refund your investment.

I’ll even let you keep all the content you received, plus throw one of my signature programs to help you create better content and generate more free leads online (Each program is worth $497, and I’ll allow you to choose the one that suits you best)

That’s $1,776 in training, completely for free. Do you think I'd still be in business if I gave a crazy guarantee like that if I didn't deliver?

See, you can’t make this decision right now for the same reason you don't buy a house without first looking at the inside of it.

So click the link below to try our Gold-Pass membership today!

Upgrade For The Gold Pass Experience!